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What is Melbourne Airport Rail?

Melbourne Airport Rail is a transformational public transport project connecting Melbourne Airport with a rail service for the first time.

It will provide a viable, reliable and much-needed alternative to road travel, bringing an airport rail connection to Melbourne in line with other cities across Australia and around the world.

The State and Federal Governments have committed up to $5 billion each to deliver Melbourne Airport Rail, with its planning, development and delivery to be overseen by Rail Projects Victoria.

What is the proposed route for Melbourne Airport Rail?

Melbourne Airport Rail will see trains run between Melbourne Airport and Melbourne’s CBD via Sunshine Station.

This route has been identified as the most viable in previous studies, performing better in several criteria when compared to other options. Linking into Sunshine provides superior connections to more areas of Melbourne through its integration with the Metro Tunnel, superior connections to regional Victoria through an upgraded Sunshine interchange and earlier deliverability at a lower cost.

Further work is underway to determine how airport trains will travel between Sunshine and Melbourne’s CBD.

What is included in the project scope for Melbourne Airport Rail?

Detailed planning work to determine the project’s scope is currently underway.

How much will Melbourne Airport Rail cost?

The exact cost of the project is still to be determined, with the Victorian and Australian governments committing up to $5 billion each to deliver it.

What is the project’s timeline?

Construction of the Melbourne Airport Rail is targeted to start in 2022 – subject to relevant Victorian and Federal government planning and environmental approvals – and is expected to take up to nine years to complete.

The project’s timeline continues to be refined as part of the detailed planning currently underway on the project scope.

Will there be a detailed business case for the project?

Yes – work is currently underway on a detailed business case for the project, due to be submitted to Government by the end of 2020.

What is happening now on Melbourne Airport Rail?

Rail Projects Victoria is currently undertaking detailed planning to develop a detailed business case for Melbourne Airport Rail and finalise the project’s scope. Aurecon Jacobs Mott MacDonald Joint Venture (AJM JV) has been appointed as the technical advisor for Melbourne Airport Rail and is assisting with this work.

Our staff and advisors have been undertaking a number of technical and specialist investigations to inform detailed planning, such as geotechnical work to confirm existing ground conditions.

We began our community and stakeholder engagement in 2018, and this has been ongoing. To be kept informed about the project, we encourage people to register for updates here.