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Project overview

Melbourne Airport Rail is a transformational public transport project connecting Melbourne Airport to Victoria’s regional and metropolitan train network for the first time.

The Australian and Victorian governments have committed up to $5 billion each to deliver Melbourne Airport Rail, with expert analysis recommending a preferred route to Melbourne Airport via Sunshine.

Construction is targeted to begin in 2022 and will take up to nine years to complete, subject to relevant Victorian and Federal government planning and environmental approvals.

Melbourne Airport Rail map

Findings of the Strategic Appraisal

The Strategic Appraisal found that the Sunshine Route performs better than other route options that were considered.

Compared to the other options, the Sunshine Route provides:

  • Superior connections to more areas of Melbourne through its integration with the Metro Tunnel
  • Superior connections to regional Victoria through an upgraded Sunshine interchange
  • Earlier deliverability at a lower cost.

This finding is consistent with the recommendation of the 2012 Public Transport Victoria study.