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Building Melbourne Airport Rail will be a massive job working in a complex rail environment.

Major construction will take place between Sunshine and Melbourne Airport and along the existing Albion-Jacana rail corridor including:

  • laying new tracks and ballast (crushed rock)
  • realigning existing tracks
  • changes to stations
  • signalling upgrades
  • building bridges and elevated structures in some areas
  • utility relocations
  • construction access roads, fencing and vegetation clearing.

As with any major infrastructure project, surrounding communities may experience impacts during construction.

Further information on potential construction impacts will be communicated as planning and design for the project progresses.

We are committed to working together to minimise disruption for local residents, businesses and rail passengers as much as possible.

Melbourne Airport Rail services mainly travel at ground level and within existing rail corridors between Sunshine and the Western Ring Road, with rail bridges or elevated rail only required in short sections over the Maribyrnong River, the Western Ring Road and at Albion. Find out more about the designs for the project.